Pet Shampoos that Are Perfect for Pet Grooming

Pet Shampoos that Are Perfect for Pet Grooming

People often think pet grooming is to make your pets looking pretty. What you might not know is that regular pet grooming is also important for your pets’ hygiene and health. 

As the time goes, the pet grooming industry has evolved. We no longer have to bring our pets to pet grooming salon. Instead, we can invite the groomers to our home for pet house grooming services. Dogs and cats can enjoy grooming in comforts of your home.

Other than that, some of the owners started to take pet grooming classes or dog grooming courses themselves, or simply get their hands on it. After all, grooming your pets at home like a professional groomer will save you a lot of money. This is probably a more affordable option for those who are on a budget.  

The skin pH values of human and your furry companions are different. The last thing you would want to do is to use human shampoo on pets. It may create a favourable environment for patheogenic micro-organisms to reproduce, damaging hair follicles and skin acidity. This may lead to severe consequences including dull hair, skin allergies and hair loss.

Looking for tips for cat or dog grooming by yourselves? The first thing you need to purchase is a perfect pet shampoo for dogs or cats. There is a vast array of pet shampoos in the market. Do you really know how to select the right one?

Here, find the three top-rated pet shampoo brands for pet grooming, including Gordan Macintyre, Rufus & Coco and St. Diem's.

Pet Grooming Shampoo: Gordan Macintyre

The scientifically designed products of Gordan Macintyre are developed by Veterinary Dermatologist John Gordon, DVM, Dip. ACVD, who has dedicated his career to the dermatological health of family pets and zoo animals of all breeds and species. He is deeply knowledgeable in all kinds of skin conditions, allergies, and other dermatologic afflictions of our pets.

The brand has sourced rare botanicals and natural extracts from all around the world, offering gentle shampoos that have great cleaning power. It has also optimized the lathering levels of the shampoos to produce luxurious foam that can efficiently cleans your pets and nurture their skin.

Their shampoos have also utilized natural aromatherapy scents. For instance, Gordan Macintyre Wild Gorse Pet Shampoo features the bright fragrance of Eucalyptus and the woodsy redolence of Quillaja Saponaria; and Gordan Macintyre Royal Hebrides Pet Shampoo features the pungent fragrance of Rose Hips and the clean ocean essence of Osetra Caviar. These natural fragrance makes our pets feel and smell great!

Pet Grooming Shampoo: Rufus & Coco

Offering a wide range of pet products, from natural shampoos to appealing accessories, Rufus & Coco aims to give your pets the best possible care. Other than the shampoos that are suitable for normal or everyday use, they also have treatment shampoos. These special shampoos are loved by many owners, thanks for their effectiveness.  

One of the examples is the Pet Flea Flee Shampoo. This treatment shampoo has a control of fleas and lice on dogs and cats, and also adult brown dog ticks. It contains natural pyrethrins, which are easily hydrolysed and degraded by stomach acids, so toxicity following ingestion by pets is very low.

Its Pet Itch Relief Shampoo is also a medicated shampoo to help treat itching and irritated skin in pets. Its formula is soap-free and pH-balanced, which promotes healthy and well-cared skin of your pets.

Do you pets hate water? Probably the Pet Water Free Dry Wash from Rufus & Coco is the best solution. It is a professionally formulated dry grooming powder and can neutralise odour in the coat leaving it with a fresh scent.

Pet Grooming Shampoo: St. Diem's

All products of St. Diem’s are produced in a clean room laboratory in a Munich factory - under the professional control and monitor of their pharmacists. Combining traditional healing knowledge with the knowledge of modern medicine, its products are of high standard.

For example, St Diem's Sensitive Care Shampoo is tear free and extra gentle, giving puppies the tender loving care their sensitive skin and coat deserve.

Containing Aloe vera, Almond oil, Calendula and Chamomile oil, this natural pet shampoo supports the skin’s natural protective abilities. Other ingredients including Chamomile, yarrow extract and lemon balm helps to regenerate the skin.

Basic Criteria in Choosing Pet Shampoo

Other than the above three shampoo brands for pet grooming, we are spoiled for options in the market. Owners have to make sure the shampoos meet below basic standards before using them on their pets.

  • Is the product specifically for certain breeds/type of fur? (e.g. long/short hair? For dogs/cats? For specific breeds of dogs?)
  • Is the product medicated to cure certain diseases? (e.g. flea, hair loss, skin allergies, etc) If in doubt, consult a veterinarian.
  • Is the product produced by a qualified manufacturer? Is the price reasonable?
  • Are the ingredients qualified to apply on pets? Natural ingredients are the best.

Most cats do not require frequent bathing sessions, but dogs need frequent baths to get rid of skin infection or other skin diseases. Before you bathe your furry friends, you should brush your pets' coats first. After bathing, you can also proceed to other grooming procedures (e.g. ear cleaning) and after-shower care.

The above best-selling shampoo brands and other pet grooming products are available at BARKMALL. Want to save money on pet grooming salons? Remember to get the cat or dog grooming done yourselves with these shampoos starting from today!

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