Pet Food Reviews: AVP, Orijen, Monge, Thrive

Pet Food Reviews: AVP, Orijen, Monge, Thrive

We owners always want to make sure our pets get all the essential nutrients they need from the pet food. There are many pet products brands and pet food labels out there. And the quality of pet food produced by different manufacturers varies greatly. It can be difficult to pick the right one from pet shop or online pet food websites.”

Though there are number of high-quality pet food in the market, some of the mass market labels may add fillers and artificial additives into the pet food. Searching for the nutritious and healthy pet food for cats and dogs? Remind yourself to spend more time doing research and comparing different pet food labels, and look for some advance pet food reviews.

A balanced diet is crucial to your dog's health. Don’t ever settle for lower nutritional value pet food, treats or supplements.

To save you more effort and make the decision a bit easier, we have gathered four top-rated pet food labels, namely Orijen, AVP, Monge and Thrive. Read on to see our review and comparison on these 4 brands.

Pet Food Label 1: Orijen

Mostly featuring grain-free formulas, Orijen pet foods for cats and dogs are designed to satisfy their basic biological needs. They are more easily digested because of fewer carbohydrates. Consisting of fresh ingredients and meat, their products are suitable for pets at different life stages and with different health situations.

Orijen Grain Free Dog Food Puppy could be an example. Rich in protein and fat, this product has also used free-run chicken & turkey, and wild-caught fish as ingredients. This can nourish puppies according to their biological and nutrition needs, which fully support their rapid growth and development.

Are your furry friends foodies? Do they have sophisticated If yes, then they may fall in love with Orijen. They offer a wide range of flavours including ‘6 Fish’ and ‘Regional Red’. The former features a rich diversity of fresh, whole, and wild-caught fish from Vancouver island’s cold pacific waters. (For instance, there are fresh pacific pilchard, mackerel, hake, flounder, rockfish & sole); while the latter are made with ranch-raised beef, wild boar, plains bison, grass-fed lamb & yorkshire pork.

On the other hand, the cat food from Orijen can also offer cats the necessary nutrients according to their evolutionary and biological needs. Made with fresh ingredients including free-run chicken & turkey, cage-free eggs, and wild-caught fish, their cat food is also available in Fit & Trim formula. The vegetables and fruits inside are also good for cats’ health.

To conclude, the USA-made pet food from Orijen are nutrient-dense and are good for pets’ health. Currently available in dry food options.

Pet Food Label 2: AVP

Most of the pet food from AVP (Absolute Valuable Petfood) are made in Europe. They offer a wide range of pet food that is suitable for furry babies at different life stages. There are plenty of options as they got an array of special flavours available.

AVP’s cat food is available in flavours including Chicken Salmon & Tuna and Ocean Six Fish, while that of dog food is available in flavours including Chicken & Sweet Potato and Salmon & Cod Fish. So don’t worry, your furry friends will find something they like!

In addition, most of the AVP pet food products meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. Combining the grain-free & gluten-free formula with fresh meat, the food contains no flavours, synthetic colours, and preservatives.

Pet Food Label 3: Monge

Offering a great variety of dog/cat pet foods, the Italian label Monge is loved by many pet owners.

How about feeding your cat with Monge Superpremium Cat Canned Food, one of the most top-rated Monge products? Made with fresh meat and fish, they also contain rich vitamins, mineral salts, Omega 3 and proteins. The highly nutritional content is good for cats’ growth and health.

Not to mention they even add fruits into the canned food! Tuna with Apple or Tuna with Papaya are some examples. Cats can get even more hydration and nutrients now!

Pet Food Label 4: Thrive

Thrive is a British pet food label. Their products are made with high-quality fresh meat, and contain no antioxidants, preservatives, fillers, added colours, added sugars and artificial flavours. The foods are rich in protein, giving your pets a complete and balanced nutrition meal.

Its cat canned food is especially popular. The food can be fed on its own or mixed in with dry food (e.g. Thrive PremiumPlus dry food) depending on your cats’ preference. They have added vitamins and minerals into the formula, too.

If you are looking for pet food for dogs, Thrive offers a more compact range: Wet dog food and dog treats only. Dry dog food is not yet available.

It’s really hard to say which pet food brand is absolutely the best. Instead, we should focus on – which label is the most suitable one for my pets?

Other than checking the ingredient lists and nutrient lists, we should also pick the right one depending on the food types our pets need/love. (Dry food? Wet food? Dehydrated dry food?) Of course, health situations and life stages of our pets should also be considered.

Basic Criteria of Choosing Pet Food

1) No chemical and artificial preservatives

2) No unknown or anonymous or foul ingredients

3) No suspicious or controversial ingredients

4) No artificial flavourings or colouring agents

5) Rich in proteins

6) Meet the AAPCO requirements

7) Clear manufacturing location and ingredient sources

It is perfectly fine if you are still in doubt after reading this review. Just consult a veterinarian if necessary.

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