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Wet dog food that brings completed and balanced nutrition to puppies and senior dogs. And canned dog food has a strong and inviting aroma to your pups find appetizing. You can mix wet dog food and dry dog food to provide a nutritionally complete and enjoyable meal for your best four-legs friend.

High protein wet dog food is a suitable choice as elderly dog food and puppies food which is easier to chew.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wet Dog Food

Does wet food need to be refrigerated?

Wet food in a can doesn’t need to be refrigerated until after you open it. Refrigerate any unused portion in a sealed container for later use. Some “fresh” or raw wet food formulas come refrigerated or frozen, and those should stay refrigerated—or frozen until needed—in a sealed container at all times. Discard any uneaten, unrefrigerated food after 4 hours to prevent food-borne illness in your pet.

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