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Pamper your dogs with a collection of high quality dog treats including freeze dried, dehydrated, human grade, dog cakes, dental chews, bone, chewy & jerky, biscuits & crunchy and training treats in Barkmall, to provide them with daily dose of supplementary nutrition from dog food, and also serve for dog training and behavioural objectives.

To stimulate dog's appetites, more flavours are available: peanut butter, chicken liver, sweet potato, chicken and beef. To achieve health purpose, grain free and single source protein dog treats are also available.

Browse and discover the large collection of dog treats that dog will love in Barkmall, reward your pet's good behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Treats

What are the healthiest dog treats?

The healthiest dog treats will have a balanced nutritional profile and not too many fillers or empty calories. Some of treats can offer specific benefits, such as dental care.

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