How to Groom Your Dog at Home?

How to Groom Your Dog at Home?

Grooming on a regular basis is essential for dogs, as we need to make sure they stay clean and healthy all the time. Except bathing and brushing, there are still certain things that we can do to ensure their hygiene, such as ear cleaning, eye washing and nail trimming.

That’s why many of us bring our dogs to pet shops in Hong Kong for beauty and grooming. But have you ever wondered — how do the groomers treat your babies?

In recent years, there are a number of reported cases of animal abusing in pet shops. For example, the dog-beating incident happening in a pet shop (Hong Kong, Tai Po). The heart-breaking news has shocked many animal-lovers.

Owners often want to pamper their pets with professional pet shop grooming services. Nevertheless, bad groomers might put our friends at risk. Even if the groomers didn’t hurt the dogs intentionally, pets are often handled carelessly and quickly for the purpose of making more profits.

We have to choose a dog groomer who is working in a reputable pet shop. Also, you may also consider start grooming your dogs at home yourselves.

Non-surprisingly, most of the dog grooming businesses have also been closed because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Even if some of them are opening, you do want to stay in with your furry friends. You realise your pup starts to get dirty and doesn’t look sharp anymore. Certainly, you want to give your canine friends some at-home grooming!

Unlike in the pet shop, dogs feel safe, stress-free and comfy at home. It can also save you money in the long run, spending more on the food and toys your dogs like. Home grooming is also a fantastic way to bond with your dogs.

Below, find the basic steps of grooming your dogs at-home. Give it a try and pamper your dogs with the grooming time that is as relaxing as pet shops’ one!

Step 1 | Brushing

Brushing is one of the keys to keep our dogs clean. It can help your dog’s coat stay free of mats. Brush your dog’s coat before bathing, so as to remove the large-sized dirt in advance.

Remember to choose the right brush for your dogs, depending on their breeds, fur length and skin conditions. You may want to research online or consult a veterinarian.

Quality brushes like max-bone Double Side Pet Brush and St Diems Pet Slicker Brush are favoured by lots of pet shop customers. Not only do these brushes help detangle, but also help smooth and shine for the softest fur!

Step 2 | Bathing

After brushing your dog’s coat, start filling the bathing tub with warm water. Get your dog wet slowly, then produce foam with a quality shampoo that can efficiently clean your pet.  

Recommended: Rufus & Coco Pet Flea Flee Shampoo

The Flea Flee treatment shampoo from Rufus & Coco has a high control of fleas, lice and ticks on dogs. Containing natural pyrethrins, the formula can be easily hydrolysed and degraded by stomach acids so toxicity following ingestion by pets is very low.

Recommended: Gordan Macintyre Wild Gorse Pet Shampoo

Gordon MacIntyre Wild Gorse Pet Shampoo consists of rare botanicals and natural extracts to enhance the skin and coat of your companion. Even the lathering levels have been optimized to produce a luxurious foam. The gentle formula can nurture your pet's skin, and is suitable for regular use.

Be careful that you should not get the soap water into his eyes. You may also want to check if your dog is having uncommon lumps. Lastly, rinse thoroughly, then towel dry/blow dry his coat.  

On top of that, you also need to check and clean his ears, like what the pet shop grooming did. Check if there are signs of infection, and wash his ears regularly with ear cleansers (e.g. St Diem's Ear Cleanser). These products can gently dissolve trapped earwax, and also have a calming, antiseptic and protective effect.

Step 3 | Eye Cleaning

Some dogs always have a build-up of discharge around the eyes. Therefore, remember to obtain proper products from pet shop and gently remove the discharge on a regular basis.

Step 4 | Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is certainly a difficult task for many dog owners, as dogs will usually be terrified. All we have to do is to be patient.

Long nails may bring discomfort and infections to dogs. Don’t rush and don’t cut them too short. When in doubt, consult a veterinarian from professional pet shop.

Step 5 | After Shower Care

In addition to washing with quality shampoos, pet shops will also offer dogs after shower care. You may want to do so as well with St. Diem's Paw Care. This kind of products can make calluses more resilient and safeguarding against injury.

Besides choosing a good pet shop in hk for dog grooming carefully, now you can also offer your canine companion some basic at-home grooming!

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