To-Buy-List: Essential Pet Supplies for Cats

To-Buy-List: Essential Pet Supplies for Cats

There are more and more pet supplies available in the market. Not only does these products offer our furry friends better lives, they also make our days easier. Some people might think taking care of cats require less time and effort than that of dogs, but that is not the real case. We also need to accompany, love and take care of our feline friends.

If you also want to keep your cats happy and healthy, BARKMALL is here to prepare a to-buy-list for you. We not only list out all essential pet supplies you need for your cats, but also recommend some top-selling products that our previous customers in pet shop (and of course, their furry babies) love. Read on to see our edits.

1 | Water Fountains

Do you often go to work or school? Can you make sure that there’s always someone at home?

Hydration is so important for cats to maintain good health. Dehydration can lead to health issues on cats. Therefore, water fountains are the pet supplies we need at home to offer cats fresh and clean water continuously and automatically. Water in traditional water bowls might lose freshness and good taste after long-time exposure in the air.

We all know cats love quick-moving objects. That’s why they might also be fascinated with fast flowing water. Water fountains may encourage them to drink more water and improve their drinking habits.  

Bark’s Pick: Beaconpet Flower Pet Fountain 1.6L

This Beaconpet Flower Pet Fountain is an example. The design features charcoal filters to ensure better water quality. The filter can filter out sediments, impurities and odour from the water. It also has 3 different settings for water flowing from quiet, bubbly to quiet, so as to fascinate your furry friends.

2 | Cat Litter

Cat litter is something every cat owner will get from pet supply stores. Cats or kittens do not pee the way dogs do. If you do not want your cats giving you ‘surprises’, make sure you put enough cat litter bowls in suitable area.

Different cats have different preferences on the brands and types of cat litter. All we have to do is to observe patiently, and get the brands that your cats really like.

Bark’s Pick: Intersand Odour Lock Dust Free Cat Clumping Litter Unscented

Your cats may like Intersand OdourLock mineral litter. Its 100% pure and natural ingredients are produced from high-quality clay in Canada. Featuring the 99.9% dust free formula, it is also safe for the respiratory tracts of humans and cats. Moreover, it also has optimal odour control for more than 40 days!

Bark’s Pick: Clean Paw Natural Tofu Cat Litter

The 100% environmentally friendly tofu sand from Clean Paw is also one of the cat supplies we recommend you to get. It is made from natural soybean powder and is free of flavor additives. We always have to make sure the pet supplies for our friends are safe and reliable.

3 | Cat Wands

You need to spend time to play with your lovely kittens. Cat wands are good for interactive play sessions. The quick-moving ‘prey’ can stimulate their hunting instincts, and may get your lazy friends off their butts!

Bark’s Pick: Go Cat Cat Da Purr Peller Teaser Wand Cat Toy

Da Purr Peller is one of the interactive toys from Go Cat Cat. Whenever you are using fly fishing moves, the toy will have your cats flying high!

Bark’s Pick: Go Cat Da Bee Teaser Wand Cat Toy

Other than Da Purr Peller, they also have a bee-like design that may also fascinate your furry friends. Bring them home now and see which one your cats like!

4 | Cat Beds

Cats love to have their own private spaces. Sometimes they want to hide away, some of the other time they just want some privacy. Therefore, cat beds become one of the essential cat/pet supplies. They offer a comfortable, warm and secured place for your cats to rest.

Bark’s Pick: max-bone Felt Cat Cave Bed

Give your friends the perfect place to nap with this simple and soft felt cave bed from max-bone. It is made of eco-friendly, soft and durable felt. Its minimal and sleek design is easy to blend in any interior design style.

5 | Catnip

Catnip can trigger amazing response many cats have, and is therefore loved by many of our furry friends. Other than relieving stress when they roll and twist on the floor, catnip can also ease stomach troubles and digestion. To de-stress your cats even more, you may also consider scratching posts. Cat scratches a lot!

Bark’s Pick: Comet Matatabi Powder For Cat - Hairball Formula

Other than catnip, you can also choose to add Matatabi to the cat treats and toys your cats like, making the experiences even more enjoyable. Matatabi is a native plant found in Japan and South East Asia. This product is made in Japan and the hairball formula can even help your cats to get rid of hairballs.

Now you know what the essential pet supplies for cats are. If you want to gift your furry friend instantly, check out BARKMALL! We offer a wide range of high-standard online pet supplies in Hong Kong.

No matter where you live, you do not need to spend time searching ‘pet supplies near me’, nor get to pet supply stores yourself anymore. Just sit at home and wait for your parcel with your pets.

BARKMALL also has a high-quality control on all the pet products sourced, and make sure everything our pets use is of the highest standard. Bookmark BARKMALL now and shop pet supplies right away! Also, remember to check out our special free shipping offer!

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