Love Adopt Animal Society

Founded in 2015

Founded in 2015 Our Mission: Join hands to bring love and harmony to animals in our community through two core missions: 1.Take Me Home Animal Adoption Program: Rescue homeless and abandoned animals, arrange neutering surgeries, find new owners and reduce the chances of animal euthanasia. We believe that animals are our best friends. 2.Love Adoption Society Through positive education, we strive to promote the correct concept of owning domestic animals and its responsibilities, as well as to rectify the perception of the public towards homeless and abandoned animals. We share joy and harmony through participation in community events with innocent and adorable animals.
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Paws United Charity

Founded in 2019

Paws United Charity (PUC) is a non-profit, all-volunteer rescue organization established and registered in Hong Kong (ORG000102) We are a group of animal-loving volunteers who are passionate about animal rescue and have worked together across various rescue projects in Hong Kong. After many years of hard work and dedication, we finally have a ‘home’ to call our own. Our core mission is to continue to improve the lives of animals in our community by promoting responsible pet ownership, humane treatment of animals and choosing adoption instead of purchase. We value collaboration – whether it is with our volunteers, fosters, sponsors, vet partners or core team – as we believe unity is needed to achieve great results. Together, we work to keep our companion animals safe and in permanent homes.
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Society for Abandoned Animals

Founded in 1997

Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) was established on June 4, 1997 by a group of animal welfare ' activist. The motto of SAA is "Love Animal, Respect Life, No Killing or Abandoning". It was officially registered as a local charitable organization on May 28, 1998.
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Founded in 1903

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was first formed by a group of volunteers in 1903 and became active in 1921. 

Although we are the first charity in Hong Kong to deal with all aspects of animal welfare, we obtain around only 1% of our funding from the government. The rest of our funding comes from the generosity of the general public, for which we are extremely grateful. It is a constant challenge to raise the funds necessary to continue our work. 

We believe that animals are living creatures which like humans, are able to feel pain, hunger and thirst. We should not inflict any suffering upon our fellow creatures just because they can't speak. Our Mission “To promote kindness to animals, to protect their health and welfare, to prevent cruelty and alleviate suffering, and through education to cultivate a deep respect for life in the community so that all living creatures may live together in harmony.” Our Aims "To promote kindness and to confront and prevent cruelty to animals."

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