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Royal Canin pet food tailors high quality dog & cat food to answer your pet's nutritional needs.

At Royal Canin, they focus their efforts on understanding the unique needs of domestic cats and dogs. Everything we do is designed to create precise nutritional formulas to help them have a long and healthy life. All our products are researched and developed not by trends in human nutrition or preferences of the pet owner, but through innovative nutritional science and the observation of cats and dogs.

Hence, they created various collections targeting different life-stage of pets including Senior Dogs and Cats, Kittens and Puppies, Mature Pet and Vet Products.

For Senior Cats and Dogs, Royal Canin invented pet food to tackle multiple health issues that they are facing: Renal, Hepatic, Gastro Intestinal, Urinary S/O and Diapetic.

For Kittens and Puppies, Royal Canin got starter dog food and starter cat food, babycat milk, starter mother and baby dog etc. They also have a series of pet food deal with common topics like, hairball, fibre response dog, vet care nutrition for neutered young male cat , maltese dog food, indoor 27 ingredients and bengal

Frequently Asked Questions About Royal Canin Products

How to buy a Prescription Diet?

All new customers must provide the prescription food receipt issued by the veterinary clinic before payment, otherwise we will not arrange delivery, sorry for the inconvenience!

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