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Freeze Dried Cat Food

Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food is produced with fresh raw materials, preserves more nutrition. It provides cats with the dietary nutritional needs.

All the key nutrients and enzymes are preserved because the raw ingredients are frozen and then freeze-dried without the heat that usually cooks them away. The body can then easily absorb these nutrients

Looking for another options? Feed your cats with a collection of high quality dry cat food and cat wet food, to provide them with daily dietary nutritional needs. Prescription diet can help their weight, mobility, kidney, digestive, urinary and skin and coat health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Food

How much food do you feed?

Feed cats only as much as they need to maintain a healthy weight and good activity levels for their size, age and lifestyle. Amounts will vary widely from cat to cat, but feeding charts on the food you’re feeding should help you determine the right amounts. When in doubt, always consult with your vet about quantities and types of foods to feed, and remember to always feed treats in moderation.

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