Why We Started
Barkmall is committed to serve our community. To us, pets are not commodities or possessions, they are family. We support responsible breeding and responsible ownership. We are against pet trades and aim to contribute our mite to animal rescue and pet adoptions. We provide continuing community support through fundraising initiatives, adoption events and financial support for animal charities.
What We Have Free For Charity
Pet Welfare Partner
Animals for Adoption
Donated Products
Find Your Best Match
We have partnered with Love Adopt Animal Society (LAAS), an animal rescue organisation in Hong Kong. People who are interested in adopting pets can visit our adoption list. We hope that we can help to re-home as many homeless and abandoned animals as possible. We believe all pets deserve love, affection and care.
Join Us As Charity Partner
We understand that many of the animal shelters and rescue organizations are in need of financial assistance. We have collaborated with different groups and sometimes donated materials for their use. We are proud to help animals to find permanent loving homes.