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Canned wet cat food is the most nutritious option for cats and kittens. They are rich in proetin, and contain nearly 75% of water, therefore cats have evolved to obtain water through the food they eat. Cats tend to not drink enough water on their own to ensure proper hydration. A simple solution to avoid dehydration is to add canned cat food with dry cat food to your furry feline’s eating routine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wet Cat Food

Do cats need canned cat food for every meal?

Cats do not need to eat wet cat food at every meal, but many veterinarians recommend it as an important part of the cat’s diet. Felines have evolved to get water from food, and wet food can help ensure that your cat gets enough water every day. The carbohydrate content of non-gravy wet food is also often lower than that of dry cat food, so feeding wet food can also help your cat maintain a healthy weight. Discuss the best nutritional options for your cat with your veterinarian and make sure to feed the right amount of food every day.

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