Bark Picks | June 2020: Rainy Day Essentials

Bark Picks | June 2020: Rainy Day Essentials

The rainy season has finally arrived. It has been raining a lot recently in the city.

Many owners realise how miserable the weather is, and wonder whether they should postpone the plans. Of course, our furiends will not be happy about it — they are looking for new adventures in the rain!

Raining means more mess and troubles for owners though. Our furry friends may get muddy during outdoor activities, adding more stress to keeping our car or home clean and tidy.

Also, wet coats may possibly bring a variety of skin and health issues to dogs, for example fungal infection, skin rashes and burns, etc. It’s crucial to keep them as dry as possible even in a downpour. You also have to make sure they are cleaned and dried properly after the outdoor activities.  

This June, we have handpicked some of the must-haves for you to survive the rainy season with your furry pals. See our edits of Bark Picks below.

1st Bark Pick: The Painter's Wife Sarah Dog Raincoat

The Painter's Wife Sarah Dog Raincoat

A good dog raincoat can help doggies to feel dry and comfortable in rain and reduces the time spending on towelling off your dogs after a rainy walk.

The Painter’s Wife has always been one of the favourite brands for the dog owners. Inspired by fishermen raincoats of the Spanish Atlantic coast, this Sarah Dog Raincoat are in an appealing design that are bound to turn heads.

In terms of functionality, the raincoat is made of nice technical fabric that can protect your dog from rain and dry very quickly. It is designed to protect the front legs and trunk of the dogs, allowing freedom of movement and keeping their body dry. Your dog definitely needs this cute raincoat!

Back length: 35 - 45 cm

For dogs weight from 8 to 12 kg

2nd Bark Pick: Ware Of Dog Plaid Trim Raincoat With Hood

Ware Of Dog Plaid Trim Raincoat With Hood

The other brand that has launched dog raincoats is Ware Of Dog. This time, we are introducing this stylish hooded design, with a nylon tartan plaid lining and a contrasting neon yellow drawstring. There is also a cute flap pocket at back which can help your dogs to win smiles.

This made-in-USA raincoat is made of water-repellent fabric, and also features Velcro closures which make it adjustable. It is ideal for rainy days to block the wind and rain for your pup.

3rd Bark Pick: Max & Bone Talon Raincoat

Max & Bone Talon Raincoat

Made in water-repellent fabric, this Talon Dog Raincoat from max-bone achieves practicality without compromising on style. Featuring a removable snap off hood, adjustable sleeves and snap-fastening under belly, the design can satisfy different needs of you and your dog.

The yellow design is classic and bold. Together with the drawstring hood and hem, the raincoat is guaranteed to earn your dog some extra stylish points.

Dimensions for your reference:

Neck 12 - 14""

Back 13 - 16""

Chest 15 - 17""

4th Bark Pick: Wild & Woofy Dog Grooming Kit

Wild & Woofy Dog Grooming Kit

We know your furry pal needs something to get him refreshed after a rainy walk. There’s no better way than getting him a bath with Wild & Woofy Dog Grooming Kit. Including 10 fl oz Aloe Vera & Oatmeal Shampoo, brush and glove drying towel that reads 'Muddy Pup'", this kit is your best dog grooming partner!

It comes packaged in a pretty blue gift box with spring print that reads 'Ooh I Love a Bath', making it also an ideal gift for other dog lovers.

That concludes our best picks for June 2020. It's worth mentioning that you should consider keep your pets indoors when the rain is pouring outside. Also, avoid walking into water-logged areas because that may lead to mosquito bites and tick infestation.

If your dog doesn't like the wet weather, remember to give him enough time and patience. Try to make them feel safe and cozy.

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