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I'm Dave

Hello! My Name is Dave.

Facts about me

  • Age

    3 years+
  • Weight

    20 - 30 kg
  • Breed

  • Gender

  • Microchip No.

    605 012 061

My Story

When Dave is inside his room, he will lean against the window to ask you for a back scratch. He can be so demanding (in a cute way) that he will let out a soft bark to ask ‘why did you stop?’. How adorable is that! When Dave is outside his room, he is a super active and loves playing tug-of-war with people. He will also jump into your arms and give you a bug hug! Such an extroverted dog like Dave is super popular among his doggie friends. They always have a blast together! However, please keep in mind that Dave is still a little fearful when going out for walks. But once he realises that it’s just play time, he will sweep away his nervousness and dive into the fun. Can you be Dave’s best friend?

Additional details

I'm currently located at:

  • Icn-charity-pin

    5 Wan Shing Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

  • Icn-charity-phone +85222325529
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