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Twenty years ago, Thrive spent producing premium food for well-known grocery brands; today, they produce it for dogs and cats.

Despite having 30 years of food industry knowledge, Thrive were unable to identify the components in the pet foods they had purchased for our own dogs and cats back in 2 decades ago. then a decision were made to research the production process for these pet foods. Pet foods labeled "meaty" or "fishy" included neither meat nor fish but rather vegetable proteins that had been flavor-added to resemble meat or fish.

Making the foods and treats with REAL ingredients like 100% chicken breast and 100% tuna fillets and with gentle techniques like freeze drying, it turns out that cat and dog owners who are concerned about their pets can tell a difference in how their pets respond and thrive. As a result, they have a sizable and devoted followers of cat and dog owners.

Thrive is now available in more than 20 countries worldwide in pet stores, supermarkets, and veterinarian offices as their good word-of-mouth are spreading out fast among pet owners

Thrive makes pet food; wet, dry, and freeze dried treats, for cats and dogs, young or mature, with high meat content. Here in Barkmall, you can find the best products across different categories including thrive cat food, thrive dry cat food

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