Report Merchants

由於Barkmall的平行進口貨品是由全球多個國家直接運送到香港,貨品包裝、產品標籤、保養條款等都可能和香港本地版本略有不同。一切以 Barkmall 商品描述內容為準。我們承諾只銷售百分百原廠正貨商品,如您發現懷疑偽冒產品,歡迎填寫以下表格向我們舉報:

Since the parallel-imported products are shipped to Hong Kong from other countries around the world, the product packaging, product labels, and terms for maintenance may be slightly different from the local version of Hong Kong. Please refer to the details on the product description.

We are committed to ensure products sold at Barkmall are 100% non-counterfeit products. If you find any suspected counterfeit products, please report the case to us by submitting the form: