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Founded In 2015

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Founded in 2015 Our Mission: Join hands to bring love and harmony to animals in our community through two core missions: 1.Take Me Home Animal Adoption Program: Rescue homeless and abandoned animals, arrange neutering surgeries, find new owners and reduce the chances of animal euthanasia. We believe that animals are our best friends. 2.Love Adoption Society Through positive education, we strive to promote the correct concept of owning domestic animals and its responsibilities, as well as to rectify the perception of the public towards homeless and abandoned animals. We share joy and harmony through participation in community events with innocent and adorable animals.

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Adoption Process

- Must be hk permanent resident of age 21 or older - The following circumstances will not be considered: 1) Resident of public housing estate 2) Resident of private housing estate where pet is not allowed 3) As a working pet at the shop and warehouse environment 4) Living outdoor with no proper shelter and regular feeding - Proof of address - Home visit / home interview - Window screen (apply to cat only) Designated breed / small-size mixed breed cats and dogs HKD 2800 Mixed breed dogs / cats HKD 1500 The purpose of adoption fee is to assure the animal can receive proper and affordable medical check up. Moreover, this will help adopting family to easily go through the transition as well as helping the pet adapting new environment Adoption fee will cover the following: - One session of dog training - Two to three shots of vaccination (As per vet discretion) - Rabies shot and chip implantation (for dogs only) - Desex surgery - Blood test and prevention of Heartworm - Periodic Deworm - Health exam conducted by vet - Basic grooming and general cleaning ***Optional item: Adopting family could enjoy 25% off on medical procedures such as blood tests and teeth cleansing at designated veterinary clinics The above services are provided by LAAS in cooperation with designated dog trainers and vet clinics - Complete adoption form, provide pictures of living environment and proof of address - Meet up with adopting pet and proceed with home visit - Prepare feed and necessity to welcome the new member - Attend dog training workshop - Install window screen (apply to cat only)

To Adopt

    Designated breed / small-size mixed breed cats and dogs HKD 2800; Mixed breed dogs / cats HKD 1500