Hong Kong Paws Foundation

Founded In 2005

About Us

Hong Kong Paws Foundation (HK Paws) is a locally registered, non-profit animal welfare charity. We hope to eventually rehome every rescued cat and dog to the best possible match of adopters.

Since 2005, we have rehomed thousands of cats and dogs. In 2022, The Bow-Wow Inn by HK Paws was born as a halfway house for dogs waiting to be rehomed. It also allows us to organize rescue operations and provide immediate care and shelter for furry kids in need.

With no government funding or corporate backup, HK Paws relies solely on public donations to realize our goals. Please support us with your generosity.

Charity No.: 91/11168
Animal Trader Licence Exemption No.: ORG-00059

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Adoption Process

If you are interested in foster care or adoptions, please fill out our survey at https://www.hkpaws.org under the respective “Dogs”,“Cats” or “Foster” sections. We will reach out if you meet our requirements.

To Adopt

    Adoption fees on a case by case basis