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Founded In 2019

About Us

Home for Homeless Dog was established in 2019. The founder, April, loves dogs since she was a child. She often participates in volunteer services and feeds stray dogs on the mountainside, hoping that someone could adopt the dogs. April also hopes to provide a safe shelter for the elderly and disabled dogs. In order to build a dog's shelter, April resolutely resigned her job and sold her property, taking care of the stray dogs wholeheartedly, and carefully selected suitable adopters for them, hoping that the dogs can regain their happiness and start a new life.

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Adoption Process

Fill in applicant’s and residence information, petting experience and adoption wishlist

Applications will be assessed and we will help the animal to find the home that we feel is the best fit. Our top priority is always the welfare of the animal. Assessment is based on various factors including whether the housing allows pets, number of family members, number of existing pets, animal care experience, time spent with the animal, breed of the animal, the character of animals, the concept of raising a pet and the interaction with animals during the visit etc.

We may send our welfare volunteer to conduct a home inspection. We may ask you to bring your own dogs to interact with our homing animals to see whether they can get along.

We may ask applicants to provide adoption related documents and proof of required equipment. The timeliness and compeleteness of submitting required materials from applicants will aslo be taken into consideration. If your application is successful, we will inform you ASAP. If you don't hear from us within 7 days, the application can be considered as unsuccessful. ONLY successful applicants will be contacted. An unsuccessful application does NOT mean you’re not a good pet owner.

Sign Adoption Agreement. You are welcome to come back and we’ll help you to find the lifelong companion that suits your lifestyle the best.

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