Bark Charities – Past Adoption Days 

Looking to add a furry companion into your life?
Why not give a rescue animal a forever home? We are literally saving a life once we adopt a pet.
dog adoptiondog adoption

How To Adopt

You may visit animal shelters, rescue organisations or join the adoption events.
Below are some organisations you may consider:

Love Adopt Animal Society (LAAS)
Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)
Lifelong Animal Protection (LAP)
Catherine’s Puppies
Hong Kong Paws Foundation
Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA)
Kirsten’s Zoo
Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation
Kelly Animals Shelter

Common Adoption Process

Meet the animals in rescue centres
Complete adoption questionnaire/form
Provide photos or videos of your living environment
Proceed with possible home visits / interviews
Provide your Proof of address
Meet and interact with your potential new pet(s) again
Wait for the result
Pay the necessary fees (e.g. vaccination or medical checkups)
Prepare the pet supplies and pet food
Attend pet training workshops

The adoption process of different organisations varies.
For more details about Pet Adoption Procedures, check out HERE.

Pet Adoption Checklist 

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility that requires careful thoughts and long-term planning.
Before you commit, take your time to consider below carefully.

Home Environment
Your Long-Term Plan
Your Experience
Suitable Breed for you
Love and Patience

For more details about what to consider before animal adoption, check out HERE.