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Plushing Cat Toys

Playtime, kittens! Cats are one of the most greatest hunters across animals. Cat loves to chase moving object, climb as higher as they can, scratch their paws to release their energy. 

Use Plushing Toys with catnip to entices your cat and makes your cat rolling, flipping, rubbing. They may meow or growl at the same time. Use a organic catnip filled toy to draw attention from cats and have a good time with them! 

Barkmall gathered countless types of Plushing Toys for cat to keep our furry friends excited! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Toys

How to clean cat toys?

You should wash your cat’s toys in mild soap and water whenever possible, or at least spot clean them periodically if they are not immersible. Hard plastic toys can usually be hand-washed, and some may even be dishwasher safe. Soft plush toys without catnip may be machine washable, or they may be safe to spot clean. Read the toy package for care instructions and be sure to inspect toys regularly for signs of loose parts or wear.

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