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Feed your kittens with a best kitten food collection of dry food, wet food, freeze dried food, and treats, to provide them with daily dietary nutritional needs.

Barkmall gathered high quality food for kitten with popular brands: Thrive, K9 Natural, Royal Canin, Orijen etc. You can also select kitten food for special health needs, such as gulten-free, grain-free, high protein and single protein source.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Food

How much dry cat food should I feed my cat?

You should feed your cat roughly the amount of dry food indicated on the package for her weight range. Note that the amounts needed to maintain a healthy weight will vary depending on how active she is and on individual factors. It is better to consult your vet.

Browse & discover the large selection of high quality dry food in Barkmall. Free shipping for orders of HK$500 or above.

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