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K9 Natural combines only the best ingredients to create a high-meat diet packed with energy and nutrients, GRAIN FREE, and only use sustainable, free-range, and grass-fed ingredients for their pet food. Made in New Zealand.

K9 Natural pet food is made from the best, most wholesome ingredients found in New Zealand. Show your dog some love with naturally better nutrition.

K9 Natural offers the greatest natural nutrition combinations for your dog, inspired by our stunning New Zealand environment and driven by cutting-edge science. While you can trace our beginnings to the vast, open plains of Tautahi, Christchurch in New Zealand, what really motivates us is our global network of pet lovers. To serve those special moments between pets and the people who love them the most, we hand-pick the very finest in excellent nourishment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About K9 Dog Food / Cat Food

Why a high-meat diet?

Our understanding of our pets' dietary demands and how their diet affects the quality of life has grown over the past few years. K9 Natural in-house pet nutritionist, who has conducted world-class research, has shown us that dogs and cats thrive on taking a blends of nature diet with high in meat and rich in vitamins and minerals. With no needless fillers like grains, cereals, or starches, our organically derived diets guarantee that all the nutritious value of our wholefood ingredients is maintained.

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