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Dry Dog Food

Dry, biscuit or pellet sized dog food that provides essential dietary nutrition to dogs from puppies to senior dogs. Dry dog food could be fed by itself or as a mixer. You may find the diet that suits your dog better.

To deal with special dietary need of dogs, there are special formula dry food, such as dry kibble for toy & small breeds, grain free and limited ingredient dry food for dogs with sensitive stomach.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Dog Food

How to select the best dry dog food for large dog breeds?

The best dry dog food suitable for large breeds should have the size and nutrients suitable for large breeds. Barkmall provides many formulas of large-breed dry dog food to eliminate some guesswork from feeding partners. You can also find formulas suitable for different life stages, lifestyles and sensitive system formulations.

How to select the best dry dog food for a small dog?

The best dry food for small dogs will have smaller, bite-sized easy -to-eat foods with nutrients suitable for the high metabolic needs of small dog breeds. Barkmall provides a selection of small dog food recipes to help you choose the right diet for your puppies. Choose a recipe suitable for different ages, activity levels and dietary restrictions, or just choose a flavor that your furry friend will like!

Browse & discover the large selection of high quality dry dog food in Barkmall. Free shipping for orders of HK$500 or above.

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