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Dog Travel Feeders

You will need these lightweight and portable items for your dogs when you have dog walk in the park, go camping, or on the road. These products will take care of your dogs in different weather and situations.

Just like humans, dogs need bowls or feeders to keep the food clean and have a good posture to eat without bad effects to digestion. To ensure dog and puppies having happy meal time, there are more and more food containers with different features are invented.

Here is some common type of feeders you can find at Barkmall: slow eatting bowls torequire your furry friend to push the food out before they can eat it; elevated bowls to make the process of drinking water easier as the water flows easier down their esophagus; travel bowls with collapsible design that let the furry friend eatting outside; and automatic dog feeder to dispense food to dog in schedule.

Besides, most of bowls are dishwasher safe, help dog owners saving the cleaning time.

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