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Toys that satisfy furry friends' fun time and urges of bite and chew. Keep them busy and happy. Playing toys is a bonding bonding opportunity for you and your paw friends. It can be a little fun for your furry friend to have enough exercise to stay in fit shape. The plush toys are also great for canine’s seeking comfort as they can ease some pup anxiety.

Now a day, there are variety of toys, including tug toys, interactive dog toys, dog chew toys, dog kong toys, fetch toys and squeaking toys. Most toys are suitable for all dog breeds. Some of toys are scented to draw your four-legs friends' attention, such as peanut butter, beef and chicken flavour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Toys

How to choose safe dog toys?

The safe toys for your dog who like to chew are chew-resistant and squeak-less toys, as regular toys can sometimes break down into small pieces and pose a choking hazard. All the toys we offer are made to be safe, but you should always supervise your furry friends during play.

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