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Feed your cats with a collection of high quality dry cat food, wet cat food and freeze dried cat food, to provide them with daily dietary nutritional needs. Prescription diet can help their weight, mobility, kidney, digestive, urinary and skin and coat health. Special diet cat food provides enough dietary needs for cats in specific life stages or cats with special needs, such as growth care for kittens, senior care for older cats, gluten-free cat food for cats with sensitive stomach.

Help cats stay clean and fresh! Everyone knows cats love clean and hygienic environment, also they keep themselves as clean as possible. Cat litter, comes with 6 common types: Mineral Clay, Silica Gel Crystals Litter, Paper Litter, Pine Litter, Corn Litter and Soya Litter/Tofu Litter. You can pick one to deal with your needs or your cats preference. For example dust free litters prevent allergy of inspiratory tract, flushable litters to convenience the need of pet families in city and multi-cat use litters for families with serval cats. To better use the cat litter, you can also find high quality litter box and accessories in Barkmall, such as litter liners and litter scoops.

Cats are one of the most greatest hunters across animals. Cat loves to chase moving object, climb as higher as they can, scratch their paws to release their energy. Cat Toys that satisfy cats' fun time and urges of bite and chew. Some comes with catnip to make them happy. Use teasers with catnip to entices your cat and makes your cat rolling, flipping, rubbing. They may meow or growl at the same time. Use a organic catnip filled toy to draw attention from cats and have a good time with them! 

Barkmall gathered countless types of Toys for cat including interactive cat toy, laser pointers to keep our furry friends excited! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Supplies

What kind of pet grooming supplies do professional groomers use?

Professional pet groomers use a range of pet grooming supplies, including shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, clippers, nail trimmers, hair dryers and grooming tables and restraints. If you need some pet grooming services and care services by professional pet groomers, you can go to Barkmall pet services to reserve grooming session in Hong Kong.

How to clean cat toys?

You should wash your cat’s toys in mild soap and water whenever possible, or at least spot clean them periodically if they are not immersible. Hard plastic toys can usually be hand-washed, and some may even be dishwasher safe. Soft plush toys without catnip may be machine washable, or they may be safe to spot clean. Read the toy package for care instructions and be sure to inspect toys regularly for signs of loose parts or wear.

Is the beds easy to clean?

Sure it is! Barkmall understands what pet owner's thinking, most of our products are with machine washable covered, some of them are water resistant, so you do not have to worry about it. While those products are produced from different brands, we recommend you to refer and follow the laundry label before you wash it.

Does Barkmall have any guide for newbie pet parents? 

No worries buddy, we do have a professional team providing insight regularly on Pawsmag. You can find information about puppy training, puppy teeth, bringing home a new puppy checklist and more. Make sure you have Pawsmag bookmarked!

How much food do you feed?

Feed cats only as much as they need to maintain a healthy weight and good activity levels for their size, age and lifestyle. Amounts will vary widely from cat to cat, but feeding charts on the food you’re feeding should help you determine the right amounts. When in doubt, always consult with your vet about quantities and types of foods to feed, and remember to always feed treats in moderation.

How to buy prescription diet?

All new customers must provide the prescription food receipt issued by the veterinary clinic before payment, otherwise we will not arrange delivery, sorry for the inconvenience!

Can a Cat wear a harness instead of a collar?

Sure. If your cat can wear a harness instead of a collar, and many pet parents prefer harness for added comfort and control.

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