Top-rated Pet Products to Upgrade your Home for Pets

Top-rated Pet Products to Upgrade your Home for Pets

We share our homes with our furry friends. We do want them to feel as happy and comfortable as they can in our home. Sometimes we bring their favourite snacks back home, some other time we buy new toys to play with them. We do everything we can.

Some owners even take one step further. They care about how the home interiors can help cater the needs of their furry friends. After all, our pets spend much more time at home than us.

Many pet parents even renovate their homes based on the needs of their pets. Having said that, creating a perfectly pampered living environment for pets in a small-sized apartment is, of course, not easy at all.

Here, some basic tips for you to do home upgrades for your pets, and our edits of top pet products or pet brands that may help. Keep reading to get inspired.

1 | Comfy Beds

Though some pets are spoiled to sleep in the beds of their owners, they do need their own space to rest. If there is still space in your room, how about designate a resting corner for your four-legged friends?

You can buy pretty dog beds or cat beds for them.  P.L.A.Y. Moroccan dog bed, meyou paris Cat Bed “The Bed” and Buddyrest Romeo Dog bed are great quality pet beds that are perfect mix of being chic and comfortable.

Getting a blanket for them is a wise option too. Cloud7 Fleece Dog Blanket is particularly soft and cuddly warming. The fluffy blanket is good for covering up our four-legged friends who may get cold easily.

If you are a fan of interior styling, try coordinate the colours of the pet beds or pet blankets with that of your bedroom. A matching look will earn you extra styling points.

2 | Designated Eating Station

Our furiends get messy very often when they eat. They may even accidentally trip over the bowls, making clean-up an absolute disaster.

To settle the problem, you may try retrofit your existing furniture such as a cabinet to hold the pet bowls. It will keep the bowls in place and largely prevent spills and messes.

Feeder with bowls, such as max-bone Disney Mickey Mouse Feeder with Bowls, is also a great addition to your home and your fur baby would love it. Combining durable stainless steel bowls and luxury pine wood stand, it can create an eating station that is practical yet stylish for your pups and cats.

The other option is to get a heavier pet bowl. For example, Le Creuset Ceramic Footed Pet Bowl is made from dense stoneware, making it difficult to be tripped over. The footed design can also allow pets to eat or drink from the bowl standing up or sitting comfortably.

3 | Designated Playground

To keep them physically and mentally healthy, our furiends need to have enough play time and exercising time. For those who have a backyard, you can turn it into a natural playground to keep your pets active sometimes.

For those who are living in apartments or sky-high buildings, try installing the space-saving cat shelves for cats. This can allow our feline friends to climb and jump whenever they want. Put a scratching post or cat tree in the corner will also help.

If you are having dogs in a small-sized apartment, get some flexible toys. Mutts and Hounds Shelby Sheep Plush Dog or Old Rose Squeaky Bone Dog Toy are easy to store yet much-loved by doggos.

Other than the above three tips, consider adding pet doors to your home. This allows your dogs or cats to travel between doors whenever they want. When choosing furnitures, wallpapers or floor tiles, remember to select the material that is animal-friendly, durable, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.

If you are having puppies, kittens or elderly pets, you may also have to designate ramps or staircases for them to reach high surfaces, such as your bed or sofa in the living room. Also, you may need pet crates to keep them safe when you aren't at home to supervise them.

Beside buying pet-friendly furniture or cool pet products, hygiene is something pet owners should work on to elevate the lifestyle as well. The Petspounce Petssanitizer Original is a perfect solution. Featuring a biotechnological formula researched and developed from Japan, it is a fragrance-free deodorizer with sanitizing power that eliminates odour and kills 99.99% of bacteria on the surface and in the air.

It’s not difficult to give your pets a perfect home as long as you try to understand their needs. You can shop all the top pet product brands at BARKMALL, ranging from the essential pet care products to designer pet products. Whether you are finding high quality dog collars, cat litter or pet food, you are able to find it here.

Let’s upgrade our home for our furry friends starting from today!

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