【Steps before pet adoption – pet foster】

【Steps before pet adoption – pet foster】

Why foster a pet is good idea?

Getting a new pet, or pet adoption are big life decisions for you and for all family members, as well as the pet's animal welfare. So, if you’re unsure of whether you're ready to take care of a pet's life, consider fostering before going to adoption centres, pet shelters or pet rescue organisations.

Fostering parents provide a full of love, stress-free, and happy living environment for the fostered pet. By keeping pets temporarily, you can experience living with pets of different ages and breeds, and better understand whether you can provide for their needs and adapt their living habits to incorporate pets.

Foster pets also learn integrating into human families, learning to get along with family members, and that increases their chance of being adopted. This is because many pets awaiting adoption may not know how to get along with people, and that gives those furry friends a chance to practice.

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