Pet Adoption Checklist: Things You Should Consider Before Adopting

Pet Adoption Checklist: Things You Should Consider Before Adopting

It’s hard to believe that there are still countless pet shops doing pet trades nowadays. The adorable pets you saw in the pet shop windows are mostly sourced from illegal breeding operations (aka pet farms), where pets are being treated immorally and unethically. Meanwhile, there are still many strays who are looking for forever homes. We are literally saving a life once we adopt a pet.

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility that requires careful thoughts and long-term planning. We understand that it’s hard to resist those sweet and cute faces, or you simply want to save a life from the tragedy. Before you commit, take your time to think carefully.

Below, find the 7 things that you need to consider before animal adoption.

Pet Adoption Checklist | 1. Lifestyle

It’s important that your pets fit into your lifestyle.

Is there someone who can take care of your pets when you are working? Do you often need to work over-time? Can you change your work schedule and spend more time with your pets?

When you are taking time off, do you spend a lot of time socialising with friends and family? Is it appropriate to bring your pets with you? Your lifestyle should adjust and spend adequate time with your pets.

Pet Adoption Checklist | 2. Home Environment

Take your home environment into account when you are looking for pet adoption in Hong Kong. Some of the apartments or residences are not pet-friendly. If you live in these places long-term, most likely you are not suitable for cat/dog adoptions.

Also, consider the size of your home and the number of your housemates. Pets need to have sufficient living spaces. Pet supplies including pet sheets (e.g. Petizoo 6 Layers Scented Pee Pads) or pet sprays (e.g. Rufus & Coco Wee Away) will surely occupy you some spaces.

Of course, living in a small apartment doesn’t mean raising a pet there is impossible. If that’s the case, large-sized animals like the Golden Retriever may not be the suitable breed for you to keep as a pet.

In addition, you may have to revamp your space for your pets. For example, if you want to adopt a cat, you need to install window screens. Check if your family members agree with these changes. Discuss your plan with them.

Note: You may need to complete adoption questionnaire and proceed with home visits before the adoption.

Pet Adoption Checklist | 3. Your Long-Term Plan

To many of us, the current places we are living in right now may not be our permanent bases. In the future, there may be opportunities to work or live in other countries.

Cats and dogs can live 10-15 years on average. Make sure you take your adopting pets into consideration when you are planning ahead. Even if you have already decided to immigrate or travel with your adopting pets, do your research! You should learn more about the cost of moving pets, vaccinations, vet approvals, trainings before the adoption.

If you know you are going to start your own family in the near future, be sure you also talk to your future partner or possible new family members who are going to live with you.

Pet Adoption Checklist | 4. Your Experience

Not having a pet previously doesn’t mean you can’t owe one in the future. You have to be clear about the responsibilities and possible issues of having a pet though. You might end up adopting rescue dogs and puppies that have been abused before.  Are you ready to take care their behaviour problems and commit to trainings?

dog-pet-adoption-blog dog-pet-adoption-blog

Pet ownership isn’t just about fun and games. If you have never taken care of an animal before, try to pet-sit in your friend’s home. Also, ask the pet owners for their suggestions and information about pet safety, grooming or even supplements.

Pet Adoption Checklist | 5. Suitable Breed for you

As mentioned, small-sized or medium-sized pets may be more suitable for small apartments.

The personalities of different breeds also vary a lot. Already having pets or other children at home? Do your research on pet adoption websites or go to the pet adoption days in Hong Kong. Make sure they can get along with each other easily.

Your own health is also an important factor to consider. If you are having allergic issues, consider adopting a poodle or Shiba Inu, instead of a cat or long-hair canine friend.

It’s worth mentioning that breeds aren’t everything. Many of the mutts are also looking for homes. They are as adorable and gentle as the other breeds. They are ready to be your forever companions!

Pet Adoption Checklist | 6. Finances

Financial status is surely a crucial factor when considering to adopt a dog or cat. Other than the daily expenses on food, trainings, groomings, owners also have to prepare other necessary pet supplies, such as dental care (e.g. St Diem's Mineral Dental Care).

Some pets may also require supplements (e.g. Good Boy Complete Care Formula Dietary Supplement) for better health.

Animals are just like us. They do get ill or injured in accidents occasionally. We also have to provide proper medical care without hesitation.

It’s important for potential adopters to re-examine your career and financial health. Do you have enough income or savings to handle these urgent issues?

Pet Adoption Checklist | 7. Love and Patience

We all love our furry friends, but it doesn’t mean that we are suitable to own a pet. Think again whether you have enough love and patience for your pets. If they are having behaviour issues, you have to spend time and money to go to the training classes with them, instead of punishing or blaming.

You also have to spend a lot of time to play with them. Cats and dogs need lots of attention.

Pups like ball games (e.g Wild & Woofy Fetch & Treat Pouch With Fetch Toy Ball), while cats are so obsessed with cat wands (e.g. Go Cat Da Ball Teaser Wand Cat Toy).

Pet ownership can be rewarding and a perfect addition to your life. It is priceless to see the difference of our adopted pets before and after they were rescued. But after you consider the above 7 things, you may come to realise that you are not suitable to have a pet.

Don’t worry — you still have plenty of options to help. Lots of animals who have been abused or rescued from the breeding farms need a foster home. Fostering helps them to get used to living with hoomans!

The other way is to apply for volunteering. The adoption centres are in need of help, from daily pet care, cleaning to administrative work. Spend your spare time to help our lovely furry friends there!

Wondering 'where is the centre for pet adoption near me?' or 'how to adopt a dog in Hong Kong'? Read our pet adoption guide to go through the basic procedures of pet adoption, and see our edits on adoption centres, animal shelters and rescue groups, including Catherine's Puppies and Kirsten's zoo.

If you have made up your mind, remember to prepare all the necessities in BARKMALL. To save you a bit time, we have the ‘New Dog Starter Kits’ and 'New Cat Starter Kits' ready for you. Jump in and read now!

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