Getting to Know Milo & Soda: The Adoption Story of A Mix-Breed Dog

Getting to Know Milo & Soda: The Adoption Story of A Mix-Breed Dog

This week, we are happy to invite Gladys to share about her adoption story of a mix-breed dog. A toy poodle (Soda) and a mutt (Milo) don’t look very matchy-matchy in terms of sizes at the first glance. Indeed, you might be surprised how close these two dogs are, and they have now become good hiking companions of Gladys and her family. Read on to see the full story.

What’s the name of your adopted pet? How did you come up with your pet’s name, does it have any specific significance?

My adopted pet calls Milo, the other one calls Soda. The names ‘Milo & Soda’ are inspired by drinks.  ‘Sweet’ and ‘Refreshing’ — that’s how I felt when Milo & Soda enters my life.

Also, the brown fur color of Milo looks like Milo (the chocolate drink) to me!

Where did you adopt Milo? Is he a shelter dog / a rescue dog? Can you share his previous story with us?

Milo is a rescue dog.

I remember it was a day when Amber rainstorm signal was issued. When I was surfing Facebook, I saw a message posted by a volunteer who found 6 puppies in a Lau Fau Shan’s cave. One of the puppies was Milo!

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When I saw tiny, poor Milo shaking his wet body in the cave in the video, I instantly thought, ‘I have to adopt him. He belongs to my family'. That’s why I contacted the volunteer right away.

After a month of preparation including home interviews, the volunteer also agreed that we are a suitable family to adopt. Therefore, Milo, now dubbed as ‘the Instagram Prince of Mixed Breed’, has joined our family since then.

What makes you decided to adopt Milo?

Since 2010, when I first knew how cruel the illegal puppy mills were, I have promised myself that I have to adopt animals instead of shopping pets. I do not want to see pet stores and illegal breeding centres hurting animals. Therefore, I support ‘adopt, don’t shop’.

adopt mutts

And I started volunteering for animal shelters in Hong Kong, getting to know more about adoption procedures and Hong Kong animal rescues. Actually that’s also the reason why I found Milo in animal rescue groups.

How have your animal friends changed your life and the lives of your family?

Many people think adoptees are heroes. But to me, it’s more like they ‘adopted’ me. After having M&S in my life and being their mum, I have a strong sense of commitment.

They need to rely on me. They need my love. These made me have stronger motivation to take care of them.

After establishing ‘Milo and Soda Adventures’, I basically go hiking and exercising with Milo, Soda and my other family members every week. I was not good at exercising before. Even if I just went easy hiking trails, I got tired very easily. But my health becomes better and better after I keep working out with them!

dog hiking

Every time after we went to ‘adventures’, of course I would be so tired. But it worths when I saw their smiling faces!

What challenges did you or your animal friend face and/or overcome?

Milo is so afraid of lightnings and thunders. The whole family needs to be awake and comfort Milo on rainy days.

Sometimes he will hurt himself because of panic attack. It made us feel so bad. But right now we are trying to overcome together!

Other than that, like every dog owner, I am worried about my dog’s health. When they are sick, I always wish I am the one who is sick. Soda got Collapsing Trachea problem, and he has to take pills in long-term. I am very worried every time he is coughing.

He had pneumonia early this year which also freaked me out. But after being medicated for a certain period of time, he recovered.

The vet told us exercising is good for dogs who are experiencing trachea issues. That’s why we insist to bring Soda together to adventures! A dog owner must be both loving and strong.

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Do they have any fun or special personality traits, tricks or features?

Milo is a timid mutt. But whenever he went photo shoots, whether for TV shows or PR events, he wouldn’t get nervous easily.

Other than eating, playing, sleeping, maybe modelling is really his natural talent. Milo will keep posing and smiling under flash light, and even knows how to look at cameras!

What do Milo & Soda mean to you?

Everyone knows M&S are my everything! After having M&S, I understand they may only be a part of your life, but to them you are their whole life. Most of the time I will prioritize M&S over friends.

Many people will even ask why I always have so much time to bring them out. It’s actually a matter of priorities and time management. I would rather scarify my own time to bring them out.

dog hiking

Every time when I saw pet-friendly restaurants, staycation spots, beaches, hiking trails, malls, I want to experience with them! Dogs can only live 10-ish years, so every experience and memory truly count!

Anything you would like to tell other pet parents?

We have established an Instagram platform called ‘Milo and Soda Adventures’, which recommends places for pet parents to bring their furry babies out. We also hope the adoption story of Milo can help promote adoption in Hong Kong, especially adopting mutts.

Adopting a dog is literally saving a life. Sometimes when I saw Milo sleeping comfortably at home, I cannot imagine how his life would be if the volunteer didn’t rescue him that day.

Please rescue and help stray animals if you can. Mutts are also adorable, beautiful and loyal, and they also deserve love!


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Info of Furry babies:

Name: Milo & Soda

Sex: Male

Age: Milo (5) , Soda (13)

Breed: Milo (Mixed Breed), Soda (Toy Poodle)

Characteristics :Milo – Timid, loyal, adventurous, likes sleeping and playing with toys, afraid of lightnings and thunders

Soda- Smart, curious, bossy, likes eating good food

IG: themiloandsodadiaryhk

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