Fun Place to Go with My Dog Browny — Lamma Island

Fun Place to Go with My Dog Browny — Lamma Island

Our family brought Browny to Lamma Island when she was 7 months’ old. For transport, we took the ferry from Aberdeen which was free of charge for small dog, and there was no specific seating requirement for dogs.
Browny was very curious when taking the ferry. She would keep glancing at the sea when we held her up. It was so windy and her ears were flapping like Dumbo!
Fun Place to go with my dog browny - Lammy Island 2

In the afternoon, we went to a cha chaan teng with outdoor seating for a nice bowl of noodles. Browny was looking at us poorly since she couldn’t eat. We finally couldn’t help but give her a piece of tasteless rice noodle after washing it with water thoroughly.

We went to the beach after lunch. It was so hot along the way. We saw other dogs on Lamma Island but Browny was so timid that she would huddle herself up and hold her tail down. Still, she actually wanted to play with them so much and she would want to follow them when they left.

It was her first time going to such a far place so she was super excited. She kept smelling the floor and strolled very quickly. She drank a lot of water but insisted not to pee even we asked her to since she had not peed on the street before. The beach was not a dog friendly beach and it did not allow the entry of dogs so we could only sneak in by holding her up and took some photos. 

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She was so sleepy and kept wanting to sleep while taking photos. We had to attract her with different things and some strange sounds so that she would look at the camera.

We did not let her go down the beach since she was still small and we were afraid that she would be sick if she had tasted the sand and sea water since her immune system was still weak. However, we were sure that she must be scared of sea water as she was even frightened of taking a shower.

We were afraid that she would be too tired when we left, so I held her up for a while. Little did we know that she finally could not hold her pee after 5 hours and pooped!

I immediately held her away from myself. Her pee was like taking forever! It was so astonishing!

It was fortunate that I did not get wet apart from the bottom of my pants. Ever since that day, she was willing to pee on the street! Thank god!

Since it was summer, there were many dog products to bring. We bought cold water for her to cool off and snacks as bait when taking photos.

If your dogs are only interested in a certain kind of toys, like toys with sound-producing features, you can bring it to attract them. Browny is not interested in toy at all and only likes food.

If toys and snacks are not working, you can try something that is new to her. We once succeeded in attracting Browny to look at the camera by waving a chain of keys. However, we found that the most effective would be making strange voices like an idiot.

Also, you must bring food that can fill her belly such as biscuits since they would be exhausted after whole day of playing. Only food that can fill their bellies would allow them to recharge themselves. We usually use natural products for flea prevention (spraying apple vinegar). For a long day out, you would need to bring apple vinegar for supplement. 

Not only dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants or pet-friendly hotels in Hong Kong, we highly recommend other dog owners to bring their furry friends to Lamma Island, where there is no fixed opening time. It is absolutely a great option for holidays!
You can hike and go to the beach there. There are also many restaurants that welcome dogs while the beautiful scenery there is perfect for taking nice pictures. You would not get tired of it for the whole day. Bring your dog there!

Guest Editor - Author bio

Fun Place to Go with My Dog Browny — Lamma Island 1

I am Candice and I have been wanting to have a dog since I was small. My family likes dog too but they did not allow me to raise a dog until I got into the university, when we brought Browny home.

Since I don’t have siblings, Browny is like a sister to me. It’s been two years since she joined our family. I just started working and I would work hard to raise her.


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