Dog Adoption HK: How to Adopt a Dog in Hong Kong

Dog Adoption HK: How to Adopt a Dog in Hong Kong

There are numerous non-profitable animal charities, shelters and rescue organisations in Hong Kong. Still, thousands of dogs are looking for forever homes in the centres, and countless stray dogs waiting to be rescued on streets. Want to add a furry companion into your life? Remember — adopt, don’t shop.

Dog adoptions not only rescue animals in need, but they also give you and the dogs a chance at a new life. A dog may just be the perfect addition to your life. Just bear in mind, pet ownership is a huge responsibility. Once you make your lifelong commitment, don’t ever leave your companion behind.

Read the Pet Adoption Checklist to learn about things you should consider before adoption. Think again whether having a dog fits in with your personal financial plan or your lifestyle. Adopt only when you are ready.

To save you a bit of time in doing research, we are going to introduce you some animal shelters and rescue organisations. You may simply visit their centres or join the adoption events. To get you even more well-prepared, we will also go through the basic dog adoption procedures with you.


Organisations for Dog Adoption


1. Love Adopt Animal Society

Looking to adopt a dog in Hong Kong? Save a life from Love Adopt Animal Society. The volunteers helps to rescue and re-home homeless and abandoned animals, and will also arrange neutering surgeries for the animals.

As one of their partners, BARKMALL joins hands with them to organize adoption days. Many of those who are interested in adopting pups came over and had lots of fun with us!

We look forward to you joining the events held by Bark Charity and LAAS. Stay tuned for more updates on our Facebook or Instagram!

Address: Sai Kung Hoi Pong St 6, Sai Kung Peninsula, Hong Kong

2. Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)

As a relatively large-scaled organisation for dog adoption, this no-kill rescue centre has a specific purpose of rescuing the dogs and puppies from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) Animal Management Centres.

Large-sized dogs will be taken care of at the main Tai Po Homing Centre, while the smaller ones will stay at the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre.

Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre: Shop A, G/F, 5 Wai Fung Street, Ap Lei Chau

Tai Po Homing Centres: 6 Shek Lin Road, Tai Po

3. Lifelong Animal Protection (LAP)

LAP is another perfect spot for dog adoption (Hong Kong). Founded in 2003, it is committed to rehome the homeless animals in Hong Kong.

They currently have two adoption centres in Hong Kong. The one for adopting doggies is located at Tsuen Wan. For those who want to arrange a visit, email

Dog Adoption Centre Address: Allway Gardens Block E, 187 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan

4. Catherine’s Puppies

Starting in 2015, Catherine’s Puppies focuses on rescuing dogs and providing them with the best possible care until they are homed. They run entirely on donations.

Over the past 5 years, they have successfully homed over 1000 dogs! Currently, they still have around 70 dogs in their small shelter located in Sai Kung. Interested in having a canine friend? Message them and arrange a visit!

Address: 7, Tai Lam Wu Road, Hong Kong

5. Hong Kong Paws Foundation

Hong Kong Paws Foundation is also a wonderful place for dog adoption. Operated on a 100% voluntary basis by dedicated volunteers, the Foundation aims to rescue animals that are abused, abandoned or euthanized.

They hold dog adoption days (Hong Kong) on a regular basis. Looking to find out which dogs are up for adoption now? Check out their stories and information on their Facebook page.

There is still an array of rescue organisations you can choose from in Hong Kong, including Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA), Kirsten’s Zoo, Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation or Kelly Animals Shelter.

Don’t forget to check the Charity No. or Animal Trader Licence Exemption No. of the organisations. You may also learn more about their goals and objectives, and see if they meet your personal expectations and moral values. Choose the ones which share the same values with you.

Basic Dog Adoption Procedures

  1. Meet the dogs in rescue centres
  2. Complete adoption questionnaire/form. Questions may cover aspects such as your lifestyle, living environment, petting experience, career, etc.
  3. Provide photos or videos of your living environment
  4. Proceed with possible home visits / interviews
  5. Provide your Proof of address
  6. Meet and interact with your potential new dog(s) again
  7. Wait for the result
  8. Pay the necessary fees (e.g. vaccination or medical checkups)
  9. Prepare the pet supplies and dog food
  10. Attend dog training workshops

Some organisations have a rather strict approval process. Expect to visit the centre more than once to find your furry companions that have special connections with you. Some of the centre might request home visits to ensure the dog is having a truly loving home.

In case your applications are denied, don’t be sad — they aren’t closed doors. You can always contact the centres to inquire the reasons for rejections, or simply proceed with other applications to adopt dogs that are better fits.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not look for a specific breed of dogs. Rather, you can consult the centre volunteers to find a breed which fits into your lifestyle. There are plenty of mutts looking for forever homes in Hong Kong. Consider adopting a mutt.

It is a big decision that you should never rush into making. Make sure you can offer the adopting dogs a good home, patience and love they needed.

Before you take your new member home, prepare the necessary pet supplies and food to welcome him. Our New Dog Starter Kits can be a good starting point. (If you are also considering to adopt a cat, see our New Cat Starter Kits.)

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