Dog Adoption HK: How to Adopt a Dog in Hong Kong

Dog Adoption HK: How to Adopt a Dog in Hong Kong

Previously on <Steps before pet adoption – pet foster>, we've discussed the steps before looking to adopt a dog from foster homes. This article, we are going to guide you through the pet adoptions process.

Dog adoptions not only rescue animals in need, but they also give you and the dogs a chance at a new life. A dog may just be the perfect addition to your life. Just bear in mind, pet ownership is a huge responsibility. Once you make your lifelong commitment, don’t ever leave your companion behind. 

Organisations for Dog Adoption - Paws Mag

Read the <Cat/Dog Adoption in Hong Kong: Things You Should Consider> to learn about things you should consider before adoption and how to adopt pet in Hong Kong. Think again whether having a spayed or neutered dog fits in with your personal financial plan or your lifestyle. Adopt only when you are ready.

To save you a bit of time in doing research, we are going to introduce you some animal shelters and rescue organisations. You may simply visit their centres or join the adoption events. To get you even more well-prepared, we will also go through the basic dog adoption procedures with you.

Organisations for Dog Adoption

There are numerous non-profitable animal charities, shelters and rescue organisations in Hong Kong. Still, thousands of dogs are looking for forever homes in the centres, and countless stray dogs waiting to be rescued on streets

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