Celebrating Double 9 Day! Up To 20% Discount on Pet Supplies!

Celebrating Double 9 Day! Up To 42% Discount on Pet Supplies!

Happy Double 9 Day to all our beloved dogs, cats, and their owners! Barkmall is offering a full-scale pet supplies shopping holiday providing the greatest deals ever to celebrate this wonderful, unique and joyful festival with us. Despite the name, the celebration starts on 27th August 2022 and lasts until to 9th September 2022. With Barkmall's Double 9 Day officially underway, we’ve gathered all the discounts and offers here, enjoy!

What is Double 9 Day?

In Taiwan, Father's day is known as Double 8 Day “8-8” and when pronounced in mandarin is sounds just like “ba-ba” (which means “father” in Chinese). People celebrating double 8 day to raise the awareness of how generous our fathers are and to celebrate with them as a thank you for raising us.

At Barkmall, we view all animals and their pet-parents as family, and we are obsessed with meeting and exceeding your needs through every interaction. We wanted to celebrate the pet-parents' bond with their dogs and cats to show our appreciation and support.

We thought, if there is a Double 8 Day, why wouldn't we have a Double 9 Day? Double 9 (“9-9”) sounds exactly the same as “dog-dog” in Cantonese! At Barkmall we want to celebrate and provide for every need and interaction with our pets. We wish to remind us all how loyal they are and that we need to reward their unconditional love by giving them treats, new comfortable dog beds or cat bedsfreshly scented pet grooming products, fancy or active collars and leashes and many other gifts worthy for our beloved pets as a show of gratitude for always being by our sides.

Sounds Interesting? Check out the discount below!

In celebration of Barkmall's first year, Barkmall is offering pet parents a triple-discount supported by Barkmall's sellers, covering over 1600 items, ranging from human grade dog food and premium cat foodcat hygiene and litter productsveterinary supplies, veterinary dog prescription diets and cat prescription diets (Hill's Prescription Diet, Royal Canin prescription diet, and Vetlife Prescription Diet), and all the way to dog clothing. At this day and age pet-parents don't need to travel far so far as Ap Lei Chau or Horizon Plaza to get the largest or best variety of pet supplies. There are many quality pet online shops ranging from small online pet stores with no physical stores to large pet shops with physical stores in Hong Kong.

Barkmall is the largest online pet shop in Hong Kong with over over 40 online pet shops storefronts since it launched supported by many Hong Kong pet shops and pet services (such as grooming, birthday parties, dog cakes) and supporting animal charities through Barkmall Gives Back programme such as SPCA HKthe Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) and Love Adopt Animal Society to name but a few! Barkmall is the largest and most trusted online pet marketplace. You can even get veterinary prescription diets and medical supplies at Barkmall - it's that easy.

Barkmall's Double 9 Day 2-week promotion is the ultimate discounted pet supplies promotion holiday.

Offer #1 | Selected Seller Store-wide Up to 20% Discount

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