Cat Vet Visit: Fat Pao Getting Sick

Cat Vet Visit: Fat Pao Getting Sick

I adopted Fat Pao from SPCA on 12nd November in 2016.

I brought Fat Pao back to the SPCA centre for a vet visit 1-2 weeks after the adoption. She needed a body check. After inspection, the vet told us Fat Pao had Inguinal hernia (a hole near the abdominal area), and she needs a surgery to fix it.

The surgery went really well. The vet said she would be fine after taking rest in the cage for a few days. We just had to wait for the wound healed.

Unfortunately, she started to pass loose stools a few days after the surgery. There was even blood found in her stools. As an owner, of course I was super nervous about that. So I decided to go back SPCA to take a vet check with her.

 The vet said the issue wasn’t related to the surgery. Instead, it should be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. So the vet suggested feeding her prescription diets, and prescribed some veterinary medicine such as probiotics and antidiarrheal drugs for her.

Her situation fluctuated for some time. The vet said organ inflammation might be the cause of her loose stools. So we ran a few blood tests and urine tests. But results were normal.

It was winter at that time. I asked the vet, ‘has she caught a cold because she doesn’t have much fur on her belly? Does she need a coat to get warm?’

The vet said, ‘both dogs and cats can keep themselves warm. They know how to find a cosy, warm place to sleep and rest. So they won’t easily catch a cold!’

After running a few medical checks, we still didn’t know what the cause was. Fortunately, when the spring came, her stools finally became normal. At the same time, her fur started to grow again on her belly.

Until today, I still believe furry babies might catch a cold and that’s why Fat Pao had loose stools!

Guest Editor - Author Bio

I am Yvette, my cat’s name is Fat Pao.

She is a timid girl who acts like a dog more than a cat. She is smart that she knows how to follow instructions when there are snacks e.g. sit/giving hands. She likes to talk and sometimes she is naughty.

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