3-Min Interview: A leopard-like, adopted cat Fat Pao

3-Min Interview: A leopard-like, adopted cat Fat Pao

Fat pao, a cute feline, has some fascinating leopard patterns all over her body. Though sometimes she might have mood swings, she is definitely a precious gift and a big blessing to Yvette and her family.

According to Yvette, fat pao is an adopted cat. Wondering what’s the story between them? Scroll down to see the short interview.

How did you come up with your adopted cat’s name, does it have any specific significance?

Fat Pao’s name was Mia back to the time she was in animal shelters. But I don’t quite like the name. After we went back home, I started calling her ‘broken teeth girl’ because of her broken teeth.

But then we realised it wasn’t quite a good name. Eventually, we called her Fat Pao because of her chubby body shapes and the leopard pattern on her body.

Where did you adopt Fat Pao? Can you share her previous story with us?

I adopted Fat Pao from SPCA on 12nd November in 2016. According to SPCA, she was rescued by a volunteer on the street. Since she was really kind and friendly, the volunteer took her to SPCA for rehoming.

What made you decide to adopt Fat Pao?

A few cats were waiting to be rehomed in SPCA back then. But only Fat Pao was willing to interact with me. Others were just sleeping. So I had more time to interact and play with her.

My family also joked previously that they wanted my adopted cat to be leopard-like. And hopefully the feline has four white paws. And Fat Pao matched both two characteristics! So after much consideration, we decided to apply for the adoption and give her a safe environment to live.

How has your furry friend changed your life and the lives of your family?

Everyone became gentle and joyful after Fat Pao joined us.

Though I had a dog when I was small, I was not very considerate and responsible at that time. I just treated the dog as my friend and playing partner. Now, I treat Fat Pao as my daughter and I am responsible to take care of all her stuff. I wouldn’t lie that sometimes I got annoyed and lazy, but I love her so much!

What challenges did you or your Fat Pao face and/or overcome?

Bringing home Fat Pao isn't really difficult. But we did face quite many challenges when we take care of her.

Sometimes when she is not feeling well, e.g. passing loose stools, we will be super worried. And we have to stay near her all the time.

Does she have any fun or special personality traits, tricks or features?

Other than me, my boyfriend and my parents, Fat Pao is afraid of almost everyone. Once we have visitors, she will find somewhere to hide.

Sometimes I feel like she’s more like a dog instead of a feline. Once I call her name, she will come and find me. And she knows how to follow me.

She is smart that she knows how to follow instructions when there are snacks e.g. sit/giving hands. And she likes to talk with us.

If we don’t let her go into our rooms, she will just keep meow-ing until you open the door for her. Even if she already has a hoarse voice, she will just keep talking. But once we open the door for her, she won’t stay here for long.

We don’t really know what’s in her mind and find it hard to understand her. So now I just keep the door open when I sleep.

She is so gentle and kind enough to stay with me when I am unhappy.

Sometimes she is naughty and has mood swings while we play. But those are just rare occasions.

What does she mean to you?

When I get back home after work, it’s really sweet to see Fat Pao lying on the floor and welcoming me. In her eyes, it might be me rescuing her because of the adoption.

But indeed, it’s her comforting me all the time. No matter how I feel, she stays with me like what my family member does. She is here to support me no matter what happens.

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