10 Must-Haves that Every Dog Owner Should Own

10 Must-Haves that Every Dog Owner Should Own

As dog owner ourselves, we understand. We all want to take care of our pets the best we can, as long as we can afford.

Whether you are a first-time dog owner, or you want to gift your four-legged friend, below are the pet supplies that they will definitely love. Need not to go out to pet supply stores under the hot weather, or spend so much effort to search for the best pet supplies in Hong Kong. We have gathered 10 must-haves that every dog owner should own. Scroll down to read this ultimate guide.

Best Pet Supplies: Healthcare & Wellness

It’s really important to ensure the health of our furry babies. Compared to a human lifespan, their lives are much shorter. Other than having them examined on a regular basis, getting pet care supplies for preventative healthcare and wellness care are also important.

1. St Diem's First Aid Silversrpay Micro Silver 30Ml

The dog paws are firm and thick, but it doesn’t mean they won’t get hurt by rough surfaces or tree branches. Or if you have more than one furry friend at home, they may also accidentally get injured when they play fighting.  

St. Diem's MICRO SILVERSPRAY is a spray used to treat injuries, wounds and scrapes as well as surgical incisions. You can simply apply it directly on the affected skin area for painless treatment. It can also function as an antibacterial barrier, making it one of the essential pet supplies that the owners need to get.

2. St Diem's Paw Care 60Ml

Owners often look for paw-caring products in the pet supply stores. That’s why we also include this St Diem's Paw Care in the guide.

Paws of our furry babies are fragile and sensitive. Combining ingredients including calendula, beeswax, apricot kernel oil and coconut oil, this product can keep the paws smooth and moisturized, as well as protect them against potentially damaging environments including road sales and grit. Even if your four-legged friend get injured accidentally, the product is also good for healing wounds.

Best Pet Supplies: Dog Bowls

Sometimes pet supplies are not only good for pets, they can also enhance our lifestyle experience with our pets. Dog bowls that are aesthetically appealing are good examples.

3. Le Creuset Ceramic Pet Bowl S

This beautiful yet practical Le Creuset small pet bowl has been favoured by a lot of owners. Its sufficient weight can help prevent the bowl moving when eating. It also has a perfect heat resistance, making it microwave-safe. No wonder it has become one of the best pet supplies that we all love!

4. Tommy & Bella Pet Bowl For Dogs & Cats - Feed Me Now

This bowl from Tommy & Bell are available in 4 colours and matching slogans. Its appealing design and easy-care, removable silicone sleeve has won many hearts of dog owners. That’s why it’s a functional, must-have pet supplies you should get.

Best Pet Supplies: Dog Beds

Good beds can ensure better sleep for dogs. As one of the must-have pet products, the beds have to be comfy and in high quality.

5. Dusen Dusen Check Embroidered Canvas Dog Bed

This beautiful dog bed are from Dusen Dusen. The all-over-embroidery design makes it not exclusively for your friend, but also serve as great decorative floor cushions.

6. Cloud7 Sleepy Water-Repellent Dog Bed

This SLEEPY bed from Cloyd7 is a high-quality dog bed for all dogs who like to put their head down and love to snuggle up. Filled with low-noise and dimensionally stable granulate beads, as well as a separately inlaid, hand-filled mattress, the product does not sag even after years. The robust cover is also made of water-repellent fabric, therefore it is easy to wash off and suitable for outdoor use. That’s why it is one of the beloved pet supplies in Hong Kong!

Best Pet Supplies: Collars & Leashes

Of course, if we are taking our friends out for a walk, collars & leashes are the pet supplies that we must need. They can make sure our furry babies are safe, secure and yet stylish at the same time.

7. Found My Animal Adjustable Ombre Cotton Rope Dog Leash

These leashes from Found My Animal are hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull. Its unique ombre design is hand dyed and crafted in the New York studio in New York. With our solid brass lockable carabiners, the leashes can offer additional safety for our puppies in all sizes.

8. Tommy & Bella Colourblock Leather Dog Collar

What makes the dog collar from Tommy & Bella so special? It is made of genuine leather for style and durability. Furthermore, they can also be personalised by adding your dog’s initials, your name and contact number to the leather and metal bag. We know you can’t resist cute pet supplies with personalisation, can you?

Best Pet Supplies: Shampoos

Bathing and grooming can help them remove dirt and odour. Be sure to choose the suitable pet shampoos and conditioners, or else it may lead to skin problems or diseases.

9. Rufus & Coco Pet Flea Flee Shampoo

Containing natural extracts including chrysanthemum flowers, the Flea Flee Shampoo from Rufus & Coco is a treatment shampoo that can control of fleas and lice on dogs. The pyrethrins inside are also easily hydrolysed and degraded by stomach acids, therefore the toxicity following ingestion by pets is very low.

10. Gordan Macintyre Royal Hebrides Pet Shampoo 

Combining natural extracts and unique aromatherapy fragrances, this pet shampoo from Gordon MacIntyre can enhance the skin and coat of your companion. It can also produce a luxurious foam that efficiently cleans your pet.

Dog ownership isn’t an easy job. We owners have to make sure the pet supplies we choose are safe and practical to use. If you often wonder ‘where are the pet supplies near me?’, BARKMALL is here to help. BARKMALL is a trustworthy online store in Hong Kong offering pet-oriented and high-quality pet supplies, and we can deliver these products straight to your door. Add the above into shopping cart now!

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